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It may found big fish in small pond or small fish in sea water and it’s vice versa. So all need small, large and enterprise level business must be well organized and must be profitable for the consumers as well for business vendors. And as we all know that, competition is very high to stick on a higher level in the market for any business.

Swat Info System provides an optimum solution for your business:

Gathering the facts and figures, try to resolve and understand, target competitors, more important look forward to manpower strength, business performance management, raw material management, inwards-outwards, productions, sales, marketing, profit-loss, union management, employee/ labour management, these are the most effective business management factors. And we cover all as one-click away solution; we made the website, web apps and mobile apps according to your business requirement.

Enterprise solutions by individual apps or sites or whole ERP we provide:

Helpdesk app

Scheduler app (meetings, deals, bidding report, VC etc…)

Calendar app

Tax calculation app

Inward-outward tracking app

Time and expense record app

Leave management app

Salary record app

Production, sales, marketing, demand, achievements track app

Target competitors

Organization’s personal chat app

Task management app

Payment gateway app (if required)