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Education is the key to open every possible golden door of life. Education is the fraternity which having many sub-categories to manage. Well organized and well managed education systems go smoothly other than old legacy and unbalanced schooling systems.

We Swat Info System cover everything in the education system and provide customized web app or mobile app too. We serve A to Z IT solutions as per your requirements as below:

Web app / Mobile apps:

Time management

Shift management

Student management

Teacher management

Attendance management

Leave management

Admin management

Placement management

Exam management

Result management

Performance report management

Parents meeting management

Seminars / workshops management

Event / competition management

And many more…

These can be most feasible for educators and learners and also for parents too. This is the best way to manage everything which is too complicated or messy to manage is now just one-click solution away. It’s actually useful when anyone wanted to know a few years back record and needy one get it back from well managed education associates.