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Online shopping

Shopping is human’s first right to buy specific and desired things. Rather than offline market current generation prefers e-shopping in short online shopping. Online shopping is the biggest market on web. This made easy buying of goods or services anytime, anywhere and in your budget too, so many options are available in the market.

Main purposes of online shopping are staying at home and do your desired shopping and get home delivery too using feasible payment method. Isn’t it cool way to shop anything just doing as simple as that like whatever you want to buy just add into the cart, select payment option, mention delivery address and the thing is waiting for you to open the door.

We Swat Info System develop web-apps and mobile apps for online shopping we manage, from top to the bottom process used in online shopping very effectively.

E-commerce management:

Vender’s / retailer’s / wholesaler’s e-commerce management

User login management

Search category management

Cart management

Order notification management

Payment gateway management

Item tracking management

Shipment management

After delivery notification management

Product/service review management

Product return management

Order cancellation management

Affiliate marketing management

Offers/voucher management

Terms & Conditions management

Services to customers:

Easy login/signup process

Provide an easy view to access products/services

Add to wish-list/add to cart options management

Transparent purchasing process management (So many payment options provided choose anything)

Delivery address management

Product tracking management

Cancellation management

Product return management

Offers/discount/vouchers and sale management

Reviews and votes posting management

Prime membership management