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Real Estate

In current era one of the leading businesses is Real Estate. Real Estate is business of properties like shops, offices, houses, flats, lands, farms etc… in general term it is deal for buying / selling / on lease of properties which is by owner (seller) or broker to buyer relation. Just need eagle eye on property documents and need to follow the associate terms and regulations used in jurisdictions whose follow the legal system of law.

We Swat Info System taking care for both parties and provide feasible IT solutions as web-app and mobile app for Easy Real Estate Management:

Authenticate buyer’s entry

Legal Document management

Broker’s deal management

Rental agreement management

Revenue management

International real estate management

Mortgage loan management

Real estate transfer tax management

Private property management

Public / corporation property management

Real estate investment business management

Quality assurance checking management (new property)

Customer feedback management

Inquiry management

Help desk management